Don't miss events happening near your home or work
KROOG is a social network that brings together neighbors, colleagues and business partners based on their current location, work and local communities.
One app for home, work and business
Create a successful business for your new loyal customers
Help your community solve problems quickly and easily
Meet interesting people, neighbors and colleagues
Build your local
Only real people (mandatory verification of the identity of users)
Live stories about current events around you, at home and at work. Personal and group chats.
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Anna Vitalievna
English tutor
"After retirement, I had a lot of free time, Kroog allowed me to find students among the neighbors and I am happy to help people again with my favorite subject."
Emiran Tigranov
Grocery shop owner
"My local community started to recognise me a lot more, I started to have a lot more loyal customers, to whom I am happy to inform about my new products."
Maksim Leonidovich
Lead Engineer
"At Kroog I am actively involved in my homeowners association. This is also where I communicate with my colleagues at work."
Taking care of user data
Real-time communication and flexible configuration of notifications about events near you
Large number of communities
No spam and only smart ads
Bonus and referral programs
In-app ad revenue
We are happy to provide everyone with an opportunity to develop their own community
We want to give an opportunity for all people, regardless of their social class and education, to build and develop a community using global technologies. We are happy to discuss any possible integration with you!
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